Tough Lessons

Don’t be a garage band in the middle of winter without an ample suppy of heat. The next day will be hell. I’d like to introduce my new best friend:

Gotta love that Diet Coke/Mint gum/cherry gum drop oohey gooey goodness that only goes away after a liter of Sprite. Bla.

Been into this album lately:

It’s a good ones, as are all of her albums. ‘Bliss’ is one of my favorites. I have her PBS soundstage video where she plays this song and it blows your mind. She’s so passionate about what she does, I think that’s why so many people can relate to her. Or maybe just why I like her music so much, she lives for it and loves it, and it shows.

In my Signals and Systems class my professor puts a picture of every mathematician that we deal with on his slides. I hope one of the questions on the final exam is:

For 50 points:

Please draw a picture of Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier.

If only….


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