Musta Been the Holidays.

Man, I hate nose bleeds. Especially when they are in front of a friend you haven’t seen in a year, it’s pretty foul. I was trying to apologize while attempting to halt the incessant flood pouring from my nose. I think it’s the holidays, but I have nothing to back that up. With all the blood I lost last night I had to trudge through my Digital Logic lab today. It was miserable. Try coding a project without a sufficient flow of blood to the brain. Nothing was accomplished except maybe putting more bugs in my code than were already there. Geez, what a waste.

And ending on that note. I like the song “That’s Not Really Funny” on this album :

Turkey time!


One response to “Musta Been the Holidays.

  • p4pretention

    I have taught classes twice with my nose bleeding. I’m not sure that my students learned anything, though – their horrified faces may have been a telltale sign that they weren’t actually taking anything I was saying about law in.

    I think there are two types of people: those who get nosebleeds, and those who don’t. The nonbleeders get that horrified look on their faces, and keep asking you if you are OK every 8 seconds or so, and get scratchy TP from the washroom during times where your face explodes into blood for no apparent reason. The experienced bleeder knows that this can go on for like 20 minutes or so before one really needs to get worried about it, and a need to stop teaching the class and sit down and get some juice so you don’t faint kicks in.

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