Well. I made it. The airlines lost a suitcase though, and then found it a day later. So, I think I’m up 100 bucks for it. It was a little frustrating considering how tired I was, and in a foreign country, alone. But that’s over with. Now I have moved into the


such fun!

I have met a few other people living here as well. I love when it comes to the question of “what are you studying?”. And I love my answer of “math”, and the looks that ensue.

Math! Math! Math! Are you Crazy?!

I find it hard to redeem oneself in the social standards of ‘cool’ once this is uttered. Well, oh well.

The wind here today was just amazing. I believe the gusts were between 47 and 66mph. I have heard that 7 people died from it. I have never known wind quite like this before if it wasn’t billowing around a tornado.

Tomorrow: Check in with my academic department and hope all is well with my modules, Go on a tour of the campus, Find a cheap guitar somewhere around here because my fingers are antsy.

And one more view of that awe-inspiring dorm room:

Notice the closed curtains in a feeble attempt to keep the cold out. I have such thin blood.

Hopefully I am going out tomorrow night with the locals, not hovered over my computer doing, well, this.


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