Today would be my first day of classes in the UK and I am a bit nervous. My schedule is a bit chaotic seeing as I am signed into 3 separate schools (Engineering, Math, and Music) . Hopefully it will all work out. We shall see. I have 3 classes today and not a clue where any of them are. 2 math classes and my guitar class (which I am the most excited about).

Yesterday we watched a football (soccer) game in the Library Pub (clever name huh?).  Manchester vs. Arsenal.  I was going for Manchester, sadly, we lost 2-1.  We also explored some more of Leeds before the rain became too much of a cold problem.   Here are some pictures I managed to snap:

This would be a clock tower above an extremely old and creepy cemetery we stumbled across on our way to the pub:

Proper British Goth:

A ‘Johnson’ gravestone.  This last name being so conventional I have feeling my chances to being related to these people are slim to none.

Well, off to class!


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