So, FINALLY, I found a guitar. It’s strange, I don’t play for 5 days and my fingers are already feeling the pain. I’m such a wimp. Not the greatest, but then again, I am on a budget.

For my viewing pleasure:

Hey, it beats the acoustic I used to have. Wait, I don’t even own an acoustic, so there we go.

Besides the rock-hard seating in all but 1 of my classes today, I would say things went well. It was a beautiful day, no rain, what a relief.

Oh, and for Jacob, do you know what the James Iha has been up to lately? I forgot to mention this, but I saw it on the plane. He is producing ‘AMERICA’s new album. Yea, America! Crazy huh? They DO still exist and obviously James Iha loves them or something, which I find a bit strange. So this is what he has been doing instead of recording with Billy. Dang. Oh yea, and, you know the new single Tom Waits put out ‘The Long Way Home’? Norah Jones also has this on her latest CD, which is a few years old I believe. It’s pretty good, you should check up on it.

Ok, enough music talk. I think I am going to check out this math book I just loaned from the library. Yes, such fun…


One response to “Guitar

  • Neima

    Checking out a math book from the library? Wow, that’s all I can say… That’s cool that you have a guitar class though, maybe you can ACTUALLY LEARN to play… HAHA, that’s a joke, you know how to play…

    sort of.

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