Wow, it’s cold.

Again, wow. It’s really really cold here. You won’t catch me outside without a scarf. It’s ridiculous, I don’t think I have ever worn them before in my life, yet here I am, spending half most of my day in one.

I think I finally have all of my classes in order. 2 engineering, 2 maths (yea, the call it ‘maths’ here, which I never considered it a plural…strange) , 1 music, and 1 philosophy. A well rounded semester, hopefully.

Here is the best pub! Right down the street from my room, and cheap too!

Here’s a close-up:

I love going to The Library! Uh, yea, to study, right…yea, study the local beer!

We all went out last night (and by ‘we’, I mean all the other international students I have met…including…people from Australia, Finland, lots from Canada, Germany…and others I have probably forgotten). I believe it was someone’s birthday, but whose I’m not quite sure. Just a good excuse to visit the local pub.

And I thought this was a neat little car, I wish we drove cars like these back in the states, we’re in dire need of more purple transportation.

Ok, class-time. Hope all is well in the states (here they call it the ‘states’ so I have tried to incorporate some of their lingo into my writing, I hope it’s going over well).


2 responses to “Wow, it’s cold.

  • Niki

    mmmmm, i hope the beer in the libary is enough to warm you up!!!

  • Neima

    maths huh? those stupid kids…

    by the way, that purple car is a mini… and the best part about it, my dad had one of those when he lived in england, i have yet to visualize what my dad would look like in a mini…

    i’m sure you’re making good use of the pubs, while we in the ‘states’ are still just chillin in the ‘bars’. hope you’re having fun with the intys (thats my new word for ‘internationals’).

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