So this was the highlight of my day:

Here is what he played (if you can see it):

Which I think is a bit hard to see, so I will list my favorites:

Malagueña: (as heard on Kill Bill Pt. II)! Such a quick Spanish song that made me want to dance.

Six Renaissance Lute Pieces: (Well, he didn’t actually play the lute, just capo’d the 3rd fret for a similiar sound). My favorite was Salterello, a sort of dance piece I think.

Three Pieces by Dilermando Reis (from Brazil): my favorite was Xodo da Baina, played so amazingly fast I was barely able to keep up.

Two Pieces – Leo Brouwer: Both of these were absolutely amazing.  Berceuse (a lullaby) and Danza del Altiplano.

It also read on the programme that this guitarist has worked with the likes of Jethro Tull and Deep Purple! haha, pretty sweet.

Ok, I stole this picture from a friend, but it’s the only one I have so far of me actually IN Leeds, so here’s the evidence:

And Yes, that would be snow falling upon us. And yes, that would be me in the back freezing my arse off (haha, arse is such a funny word).  Quite a group of people.  From Texas to Canada to Australia and back to Texas.

The weekend is upon me!


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