Not all who wander are lost

Oh, how far I must have walked yesterday. We decided to venture out and explore territory around Leeds. We also decided to venture without a map. So of course we got lost. It’s not as bad as all that, we did stumble upon some very neat little shops. Including an old vintage clothing store (think 50’s to the 70’s). The lady that owned the shop was quite lovely and we talked to her about England, fashion, the weather,etc.. for a long while.

I did manage a few pictures on this expedition though:

Here we have an old bear pit ( I know, strange). But inside of here bears did once live and were on display for all. The ‘Bear’ Castle you might say.  And then of course, there is me.

Here is Hyde Park.  Look at the green grass! Hopefully I can get some running done here, seeing as I haven’t run since I arrived.

This is the entrance to Hyde Park.  The British have such a sense of humor:

Here is the Business building. Which doesn’t look much like a Business building in my opinion, this campus can be quite tricky:

Now that the weekend is almost gone I guess I should get some homework and reading done. It’s hard to remember that I’m not still on holiday.


2 responses to “Not all who wander are lost

  • Neima

    i don’t remember what park we were in (probably picadilly) but there is a tree that is like a dome. if you find it, take a picture, it is probably the coolest tree ever. you go inside of it and it’s all cold, you’ll know it if you see it. but that’s all i got really.

    new goal in life: to build myself a bear pit.

  • kim

    you come home now.
    we have wii.
    wii want to play!
    loves and misses you

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