Smith’s Weekend

And so it was. The weekend began with an hour train ride to Manchester. Then a quick check-in to the hotel:

Which looks quite nice, but in actuality was quite cheap:

A view from the window:

And then we were off to Salford Lad’s Club (why you might ask?), here’s why:

Awesome! that would be Layla and I standing in the former location as Morrissey.

That place was not easy to find, I believe we thoroughly lost ourselves in the city of Manchester. I saw parts, that, I really didn’t care to see..but hey, I suppose the is part of the experience.

Then! The best part:

Woo! We took a tram to Stars and Garters, conveniently located on the edge of town (note: hint of sarcasm) and listened to all Morrissey/Smiths songs until the tram timing forced us back to the hotel. The people there were awesome! Everybody knew every word, and every guy would jump on stage for his chance to transform into Morrissey!

This would be me the next morning (too much fun will do this to a girl):

That picture would be taken before I’ve had my daily dose of caffeine. Here is Layla trying to find our way to another section of Manchester via tram:

She looks more interested in her hot chocolate.

Various sections of Manchester:

I was attempted to demonstrate how cold the weather was with a breath of cold, smoky breath…but nothing turned up, so maybe I was just trying to blow down the door of a Manchester local…

We found the Iron Gate! Graffiti and all!

After a roundabout through the city we found a neat mosaic of famous musicians hailing from Manchester and lots of music and clothing stores hidden about:

I believe we have the Oasis brothers in there, Morrissey, and a little bit of Joy Division.

Here are some Penguins!

I do love penguins.

There were lots of tents around with plants, clothes, pretty much anything your heart desires:

And this picture just makes me laugh:

Haha! I bought this pin, it’s awesome:

I will end on that note for I am extremely tired. Manchester wore me out.


One response to “Smith’s Weekend

  • Neima

    ok, a couple pictures to comment on…

    1. “Morrissey/Smiths Disco” : Jakob was just telling me last night how jealous he was that you found that, so you should feel very lucky…

    2. “The Next Morning” : you look completely wired, as if you have already had enough caffeine for the day.

    3. “Smokey Breathing” : that was just funny, my first thought was ‘stupid american, she think she can blow a englishman’s house down?’ haha, then i saw what you were trying to do, and i understood… but i still laughed because that really was the first thing that came to mind.

    4. “Sixth Day” : i actually heard god LOVES manchester, that’s just the word on the street…

    5. “Penguin Mosaic” : hahaha, FUCKING PENGUINS!!!

    6. “Station Chippy” : i’m assuming you laughed hysterically when you saw that, and probably thought about it at random times throughout the day and just started laughing…. you probably laugh everytime you see it. only you lola j, only you…

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