I had a 9 am class this morning and when I walked out at 10 snowflakes began to fall. I thought it was nice, small flakes, a light drift. 10 seconds later the sky opened up and I had to run home so I wasn’t covered in snow..which turns to water…cold water…which then melts into my clothes and hair…and I end up freezing and with pneumonia.

I do have to admit, it’s quite fun:

“Look what I can do!”

Elise loves the white stuff:

We are oh so very Texan…

Some views from the dorm:

ah, the rooftops.

Here is a picture from the other night at The Library. We decided to venture out due to ‘Music Quiz Night’. We thought we had a pretty good chance, college kids are renowned for their musical knowledge. Well, I am sorry to say, our team placed last. It was a sad event, but we’ll get em’ next time.

Um, let’s see who we have here: Starting with me (and you all know who I am right?). It goes: Me, Carly, Natalie (our awesome British flatmate), Layla, Nasarene, Elise, and Sarah. And I hope you noticed Mr. Luigi in the back (Mario & Luigi), with that super sweet mustache. Haha, everybody dresses up here ALL the time. Crazy Crazy British.

We are going to see this band tonight at Leeds Met:

That would be Kaiser Chiefs. Quite the act from Leeds so I’ve heard. Tickets were free! Only because Layla found 30 pounds on the ground on the way to buy them — and that was exactly their cost. This concert was meant to be.

And one more view of that beautiful, beautiful snow:

Ok. England beckons.


One response to “Snow


    Stephanie, I thought i would surprise you. Hope everything is going good for you.
    How many snowflakes did you catch with your tongue? I LOVE YOU!……………
    It took me 20 minutes to type this………….

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