The York Scene

Early, early train rides are extremely hard to handle when it’s the weekend, even if it is to the great town of York. Carly and Elise made the best of their time on the train while I struggled to stay awake despite my giant cup of black coffee (my picture being omitted here due to horrendous circles under the eyes).

We went to York for the Viking festival, and vikings there were. I did not manage to get a picture though, darn.

We did find the crooked York Streets though.

Oh, let me explain Carly (red sweatshirt). There was Viking face painting and she partook with a gash to the eye. Wish I had been around for a black eye, I had wandered off to York Minster.

I suppose the pictures speak for themselves.

We climbed to the top of York Minster (yes, all 275 steps which Elise likes to refer to as “the steps of death”). They were extremely steep and narrow. The view was worth the pain (see above : aerial view of Minster).

Here is the gang on the way to the top (we had to stop for a quick breather):

One more view from the top of the city of York:

After all that climbing we were in desperate need for sustenance. A quick stop off at a local pub where I discovered Oscar Wilde (well, his ale anyway):

It was actually a bit strong for my taste, but it was still gone before we left!

York was a fun town and I hope to go back before I leave England.

One more shot of me and Elise in the great town:

I miss everybody back home, hope you are all doing well!


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