Miss Spent Youth

Haha. I saw that title somewhere. Made me laugh.

Out of Uni for Easter break. Traveling plans. Plans to travel. Woo. Mom and Sarah on Sunday. Woo. Not sure where to take them yet, probably up North. Everyone should see the moors. Back down to London. Can’t wait. I wish I had more words for expression here, I used them all up for the week on an essay concerning science and religion, yea…it racked my brain. I’ll stick with the numbers.

Learned a bit about nuclear fission today. Woh. The history anyway. A fascinating player in its evolution:

Click on the link ‘Meitner’ to the right: —->

Wonder why I have never heard of her before. Weird. The math behind the splitting of the uranium nucleus. Hooray for nuclear fission!

Ok, so I haven’t had my camera out and about around the town. I promise I will remember to grab it and take a few shots of all the beautiful flowers that have been springing up. For now this is all I have:

Um, not so sure what I’m pointing at….

But my blog seems so boring without pictures seeing as I can’t write to save my life, so I thought every little bit helps…maybe not so much.

It’s getting on in the night, so I would like to end on my love for this album:



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