A chilly day in Newcastle

Caught a train to Newcastle at 9 am this morning.  Mom and Sarah had to wake me up this time, I went out last night and played pool into the wee hours of the morning, bad idea.  We all napped during most of the train ride there, seeing as they are still on central time, and me because of stupidity.  It was extremely cold this morning, the weather man saying it felt like 17 degrees outside.  Yes, teeth were chattering.  It was a bit of a shock stepping out of the warm train and into a snowy Newcastle.  Mom promptly pulled out the map:

The street signs were actually quite helpful if you are a tourist (as we were):

Then we proceeded to act like tourists:

Sarah stayed bundled throughout the day.

We found the Laing Art Gallery, which was free and inside out of the snow:

Sculptures frighten Sarah: 

Newcastle is a beautiful town, but its hard to walk around and thoroughly enjoy it when it is the snow is coming down horizontally and your hands are turning blue. So, we decided to spend some time in a warm pub:

Another attempt at the map:

The day did brighten a few times and we managed a few shots:


The train ride home was a relief to our tired legs and our cold bodies.  We leave tomorrow morning for London so I have to get packing.  Mom and Sarah head back home on the 24th, but I am continuing my European trek to Amsterdam, cruise through the Netherlands down to Brussels, Belgium, to Paris, and then home to Leeds.  I will not be able to update with pictures until I return, hopefully I can post a few times while away.   Wish me luck!


One response to “A chilly day in Newcastle

  • abu ameerah

    Interesting. I have loads of family/relatives who live in Newcastle….

    Most of my them probably don’t like me as they are far more successful and educated compared to a simpleton of my caliber.

    Laing Art Gallery — I went there in 1999. I was to dumb to understand the art however.

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