First Day: London Town

We took a train to London on the 24th and hit the town the next day. All the usual tourist stops: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, you get the idea…

Here’s mom snap-happy in our hotel room:

and Sarah on the big red bus that took us around town:

(I think she looks cold, which she probably was, it was freezing that day.)

And of course, the phone booth picture:

um, I love coffee….too much.

And here we are again next to the park in front of Buckingham Palace:

Sarah with the guards, the seemed to have offended her:

And Westminster Abbey, I’m not sure what exactly possessed us to strike these poses:

Mom, Sarah, and The Queen’s Pad:

I love the features on my camera:

We then proceeded to ascend The Eye of London for an amazing view:

That is the Eye in the background:

Big Ben and cool camera features again:

And to end this blog on mom’s fascination with Big Ben:

Hooray for Day 1.


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