London Town: Day II

To the Tower of London, for a bit of history in the morning!  Guided by a Beefeater around the tower grounds (and if you’re not so sure what one of these is):

We were able to see the crown jewels, who knew you needed a golden spoon for coronation.  geez.  A few pictures around the area:

Mom and Sarah looking slightly to the right, I wonder what was going on over there…

Too cool for school:

Hooray for Towers!

Then we decided to hit up a pub because it was bloody freezing.

We found this one: (not so sure you can read it, The Sherlock Holmes Pub).  Wish dad could have been here for this one.

 Then we hopped a subway to Harrod’s, to buy lots of expensive clothes..psshhh..we came out empty handed. No shirt should cost £500.  That’s just ridiculous, hmm..I could either buy overpriced clothing or fund someones education…these are tough decisions….I guess.

Pretending to be models:


We did find this Pastry shop though, which Sarah really enjoyed!:

 That about wraps up the London trip with mom and Sarah.  They had to get up really early the next to catch their flight.  I slept, because I’m lazy.  I rendezvoused with Jacob later the next day, and we began our trip around Europe.



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