The city of a million ships!  The largest port in Europe, crazy.  Most of the city was completely destroyed during WWII, and you could tell by all of the new growth in the city center.  The new architecture reminded me a bit of Frisco-Plano area, I guess architects these days all have the same ideas…

We went up in the Euromast for an areal view of the city:

Jacob didn’t like the height very much, haha…

We found the walk of fame:

Maybe he was there mascot, not sure about the Beaver that was everywhere:

Jacob and Rotterdam buddy-

They did have a beautiful park next to the Euromast, random folk guitarist I spotted:

We decided to hit up a cinema at night, very interesting.

Didn’t really understand the red light, mood lighting maybe?-

Left Rotterdam that night for Antwerp, hooray!


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