Driving with Food Poison

Things started off well. We left Frisco around 2. We made it to Memphis around 10. Next morning, we woke, ate breakfast, and hit the road at 6:30. Around 10 AM things took a turn for the worse. Stomach pains, nausea, a general sense of illness emanating from Jacob. We stopped and ate something in hopes of an easy cure. No such luck. The dreaded food poisoning took hold and the drive turned ugly. (*tip from experience: Don’t eat the continental breakfast at La Quinta hotels, I repeat: Do NOT eat the continental breakfast at La Quinta hotels, thank you)

I started driving just outside of Nashville at 11 AM and we reached Hampton at 11 PM. 12 hours of stopping on the side of the road and searching for anti-nausea medicine in random gas stations. Nothing helped, the illness had to run its course, unfortunately. We hit rain 3 times during the trip but nothing too foul and the roads were never heavily trafficked. Our overall course:

That will undoubtedly be a road-trip I will never forget, even though I might wish to. Our apartment was easy to find once we reached Hampton and it’s nice, That 70’s Show nice. The furniture is a throw-back but the apartment is huge and it’s super clean, always a bonus.

My first day as a NASA intern was AWESOME! All these geeks share the same interests as me. Finally.


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