As I said, we visited Washington D.C. a few weekends ago and I have yet to put up pictures. I believe I will remedy this now.

First picture, the capitol, of course. Not a bad picture for being taken in a moving car.

We then proceeded to the White House, along with all the other tourists. I don’t think anybody was home.

We found D.C.’s one-eyed squirrel. He was cool. You can’t really tell he’s one-eyed from the picture but it’s there, or rather, not there.

The cliche capitol picture.

Lincoln and I.

And our last site before the sun went down.

We made our way to Virginia Beach last weekend, but forgot the camera. Just as well, we are seriously lacking tans and the pictures would not have been pretty. This weekend we went to Busch Gardens, a place where you can drink AND ride roller-coasters. We opted out of the drinking though, I don’t think the previous combination bodes well for the stomach, or fellow roller-coaster passengers, if you get my meaning.

Not sure what we’ll be up to next weekend. Maybe the beach again, it’s fun and it’s cheap. Can’t beat that.


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