The Fourth and Rain

It rained here for the fourth, so no beach, no fireworks, no holiday festivities. It has rained here a lot lately come to think of it. Also, to the south of us lies The Great Dismal Swamp (I capitalize for emphasis, what a great name for a swamp eh?). This swamp has been on fire since we moved here so we have been subjected to occasional smoke-induced hazes. This also plagued our fourth of July holiday. Not that I’m complaining. I stayed occupied, with so many books in the world, it’s hard to ever find oneself bored.

This is in my hands at the moment:

This is in my ears:

And these are in my stomach, because I made them … what an exciting life I lead:

The holiday is over tomorrow, back to work. It’s hard to believe my 10 week internship is halfway over.


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