Tropical storm Cristobal is creeping its way up north, but I don’t think it will hit Hampton Roads, or, that is not its projected path.  Strange, I’ve never had to worry about tropical storms and hurricanes before, only tornadoes.  We attempted a trip to the beach this morning but it was unfortunately raining…so we hung out at the local pool instead.  I am now sunburned, dang.  I’ve got a nice hand print on my back from where I attempted sunscreen.  It’s pretty awesome.

We learned how to surf last weekend at Virginia Beach.  That’s me below:


Haha, just kidding.  I totally got you.  I’m actually quite terrible, but hopefully with some practice I will actually be able to stay up longer than 1/2 a second.

We went and saw the new Dark Knight movie this weekend.  Not bad, but I’m still partial to Jack Nicholson as the joker.

3 weeks and the internship is up.  Time to start writing that technical paper….*sighs*…..


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