Now we go here.

I graduated less than a month ago.  I don’t believe it will sink in until everybody goes back to school and I go back to …. work.  I suppose that is what everyone says though.  Everyone that has already spent time in my shoes that is.  I’ll be working IT for a school district for a few months, which should be interesting, I hope.  I watched a sitcom over the course of the semester that is hilarious. (side-note: hilarious if you’re prone to geek tendencies)  I found it here:!.html

This month has been nice.  I spent more time working with linux than I was able to over the semester, which has been fun.  I think I received just enough graduation money to build my own computer, which I’m pretty excited about.  Not having to spend money on an operating system will be nice as well.

I have been into Noam Chomsky lately, interesting reads.  Listening to lots of post-rock.  El ten eleven, do make say think, efterklang….you get the idea, maybe.  …and watching way too much x-files ….


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