90’s kick

Yea,  I’ve been on one.  Better than Ezra, Garbage, Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms, Cranberries, … and last but not least ….. Spacemen3.

oh yes.

Also,  The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.  Revolutionary in context; but I like to think of ideas in relation to time.  Who is our William Blake now?  How easy did Blake have it in the late 18th century to be revolutionary (this is obviously rhetoric).   If Blake was alive now, I bet he would have turned into a non-existent programmer.  An invisible English teacher.   To transcend the restrictions of the societal implications of time is hilarious to me.  Just when you think you are somebody within your little world you look at every other that ever existed and remember that you could have, would have, should have, been;  anything else … but this.  Let us all join in the Absurd laughter.


I always thought she knew what she was doing.  Hell, I still do.


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