Australasia : Fnoof

Pelican : Awesome :: Australasia : Pinnacle  ; wait.

Broom of the System, DFW.    But just, pretty great.

“Since every member of the Snapiard family thought of themselves just as family-members, it meant that if there was less of a family, they were less people, and if there wasn’t a family, they weren’t people.”

“…in the full sense.”

“Weren’t people in the full sense.”

“Each family member, then, in a natural and understandable attempt to preserve individual identity and efficacy of will…”

“…sought to restore identity, and a sense of belonging, by attaching themselves to things in the world, extrafamilial objects and pursuits; they sought identity and shelter in things.”

“The problem, again, however, was that in making their own sense of self and rightness-with-themselves-as people depend on things outside them, the family-members were letting themselves in for riskiness and trouble.  Things couldn’t be people, not even the people they belonged to.”

“And now a lost or misplaced thing meant what, for the Snapiard family?”


…but just, what?

Kylesa also on the radar.  bad ass.

… Jakob too.


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