“We must give up aiming for the stars, but refuse, too, to join the wolves” … (synopsis)

Although it was only a description of Candide in the 1962 ‘Candide & Zadig’ translation, it seemed apt.  (60’s or no)

“He has wrestled with the angel of darkness; he has known real anguish in his struggle with what we, in the twentieth century, would call “the absurd”.”

Ah!  The absurd ….  “While he does not submit to despair, he has no neat refutation to offer, no vista of unlimited hope.  What is left, then?  A human way: to avoid Pascal’s absolutes and infinities, to accept the pragmatic and the utilitarian — a circumscribed view and field of action.”

…and what happens .. when you believe it all?

The thing that leaves you in the darkness is her.
The thing that maybe once seemed harmful is her. …

Lover, don’t do anything!

…..    ……           ..              …………

Lover, don’t do anything.


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