Who am I?

I like running, music, books, stuff.


6 responses to “Who am I?

  • Aunt Cathy

    Looks like your having a fab time in Leeds. I havn’t heard from you in quit some time.
    I will show your blog to Uncle Chris tonight. Keep letting us know how you are doing. It’s fun following you through your days.
    Hmmmm! I think I might start a blog.
    I might even convince my brother in Baghdad to start a bolg. He is an FBI agent training hundreds of Iraqi’s who hate americans to become Iraqi FBI agents. He is in a very dangerous situation.
    Love life and live it as you seem to be doing.
    Aunt Cathy

  • Aunt Angie

    Looks like you are having a great time.. Enjoy all. I have been trying to keep up. Have a few ones for me at the PUB. This seems to be a favorite word of yours. What si the weather like, details please. LOVE you and take care.


  • Christina

    I am really jealous that your there…. you gotta give me some of your pics… so far I have some from Anthony in Amsterdam…. I will have a Steph and Anthony gallery in my home ha ha….take care over there and keep warm…..I feel your pain 😉

  • Aunt Ann

    Dear Steph, I am glad your enjoying your trip. Sharing your pics helps not miss you so much. everyone here is great. Keep in touch I love you.

  • Anthony

    Hey whats up Steph, I hope your enjoying Europe. Tell me, did u run into Manchester United? lol! Your not missing much here in Denton, besides all the cold weather, but I’m pretty sure you are getting enough of that. Let me know what you plan on doing during spring break, I really want to go to Europe again. Take care and enjoy yourself!

  • Lola Greathouse

    Stephanie…I received your card and today your Mom sent me the Blog. I hope that this is what I am suppose to do. Anyway, I loved the card you sent and I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures on your website. Aren’t the churches just beautiful? That is what I loved the most when I was in Switzerland. Hope you did well on the test (the back to back ones). Love you and pray for you daily.

    Your great aunt,

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